greiner_sw“To do that professionally, what one likes to do is not only beautiful but also highly efficientl in economic terms. The platform was created when I made my hobby become my job. I did what I was able to do well. I did, what I found useful to do. But much more important: I did, what made me happy. However, not everyone has this opportunity, to put all the energy into building something up that not immediately generates an income. Most young people enter a job which brings money, but does not satisfy them for the long term. Globally, only a small percentage of people have the possibility to do a job they can connect with emotionally. Most people have to separate work and life – they only work to earn a living. This division makes people ill in the long run. How long can this go on? By machines and robots more and more jobs become replaceable. Is that tragic or succes? I think it’s quite positive: We have the luxury not to have to work so hard as our ancestors. By this we should have the opportunity to use some of our time and energy differently, in terms of activities that we love to do – voluntarily. The basic income would give such chance to everyone. For these reasons, I consider it useful to provide a basic income for everyone.”

Aurel Greiner (