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About UBI | Business for Basic Income

A “basic income” is a general income unconditionally granted to all, without any means test or requirement to work. It is an individual entitlement with no strings attached.

  • It is paid irrespective of any income from other sources
  • It is paid without requiring the performance of any work or the willingness to accept a job
  • It will allow people to genuinely choose what sort of employment they take, and to retrain when they wish
  • A basic income scheme is one of the most simple benefits models, and will reduce all the bureaucracy surrounding the welfare state, making it less complex and much cheaper to administer.
Each individual thus gains freedom and security, because the unconditional basic income makes the income unconditionally, which is essential for life needs and does cover the basic necessities of life. Thus it empowers the individual to be free to decide what he wants to be active and have the possibility to help shape society. For existing income, it replaces the base unconditionally. Accordingly, there is no additional money for people with income. What is redistributed is rather power.
The unconditional basic income is not a social benefit, but replaces most existing social benefits. It treats every person as an adult and leaves him free to choose the operation. This strengthens the trust and encourages individual initiative. It increases the economic performance because freely chosen work motivates and is performed better. In addition, the unconditional basic income is a way to make the decrease in manufacturing jobs (through automation) and in management (through digitization) humanely and to bring the released labor elsewhere.